Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Williams Engineering (WE) provided mechanical engineering consulting for the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Inpatient Bed Project. The Vernon Jubilee Hospital plays a critical role in the delivery of acute care, as well as servicing the health care needs of its community and surrounding areas.

This project was an extension of a previously built shell space established in 2009. Levels six and seven of the existing health care tower were fitted with 64 patient beds to accommodate local community health care needs. At the time, the Interior Health Authority had a shortage of short- and long-stay beds in the Central Okanagan. The demand for bed space had exceeded 120 percent at times in various local hospitals, causing double occupancy in patient rooms and often beds in corridors and alcoves. The government of British Columbia approved this expansion to help alleviate the shortages.

WE partnered with Stuart Olson Construction and Parkin Architects and delivered an innovative solution by re-configuring air handling systems to reduce the overall mechanical cost and complexity of the base building equipment design. Our simplified HVAC design provided reductions in ducting and air handling unit sizes. Structured duct routing also accommodated the need for corridor-based servicing of all major mechanical terminal devices.

Unique technologies used in this project included special air filtration systems, variable frequency drives, and hybrid cooling towers. The simplified ventilation approach allowed all the mechanical equipment to fit within existing penthouse shell spaces rather than requiring additions to the structure, which would have led to added costs and time to the project.

The project was constructed under CSA 317 guidelines that focus on the diversification of mechanical systems and infection control. In addition, the project complied with the previously awarded LEED® Gold standards for the building, with the existing hospital remaining in operation without interruption.