University of Lethbridge Aquatic Research Lab

Williams Engineering acted as the prime consultant and supplied mechanical engineering services for a $1.2 million laboratory space fit-up at the University of Lethbridge. The new laboratory space in the basement of the Life Sciences Building became the Aquatic Research Facility.

Integral to the design were the following features:

  • A chilled water system, including three water-cooled chillers, capable of providing supply water as low as -6°C
  • A process cold and warm water supply circulation system that includes activated carbon, sand, and dolomite filtration
  • UV light treatment and degassing towers are incorporated in a loop throughout the research spaces and back to a holding tank in the mechanical room.
  • Effluent storage and treatment system
  • Oxygen system
  • Oil-free compressed air system

Key criteria for the design were built-in redundancy to ensure system operation in the event of equipment failure and the ability to handle diversified loads as researchers change and modify experiments within their dedicated laboratory space.