Streamlining Construction Projects

May 30, 2019

By: Neil Paddock, CD, C.E.T.

Ask any construction management team what the biggest challenge of their job is, and it’s more than likely communication and accountability. As a team, the project manager and superintendent are not just overseeing the construction itself, but they’re managing and coordinating the activities of both internal and external team members, from field engineers to labourers and from consultants to subtrades, in addition to liaising with the architect/prime consultant and project owner. That said, it’s a big job with a lot of moving parts.

Engineering consultants bridge the gap between the prime consultant and the general contractor in addition to coordinating and directing related subtrades. But when it comes to engineering consultants, generals are often hiring structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, building envelope, and sustainability consultants separately in addition to the trade contractors that perform those work scopes. With so many scopes involving various disciplines, creating a cohesive team and ensuring that these separate entities are coordinating and communicating with each other onsite is inevitably a major challenge, one that often results in scope changes and rework.

One way to solve this challenge is for general contractors to work with consultants that offer full-service engineering consulting under one roof – meaning that the general contractors and construction managers can benefit from the expertise of every engineering discipline with one provider. Instead of communicating with multiple consultants, project managers can work with one point of contact to consult on every discipline. This promotes better communication and should provide the general contractor and construction manager with a consistent customer experience. This type of approach enables the general contractor’s project manager to better achieve the required budget and schedule, ensuring consistency and collaboration with minimal rework.

The best way to streamline your construction project is to create cohesive teams that prioritize accountability and communication – by hiring Williams Engineering, you receive a team of full-service consultants dedicated to making project management easier and delivering inspired solutions to optimize your project. Construction management firms also benefit from our expertise in sustainability, building science, and energy modelling because we integrate every discipline into what we do. Our sustainability experts consult with convening authorities on energy codes and compliance, and our building envelope and sustainability teams work together to engineer solutions that work – not just in design but in construction too. We stay apprised of new code changes, making us adept at solving compliance issues and problems and delivering measurable value. including building and energy code compliance, energy benchmarking, building envelope, building science, and sustainability.

Keeping ourselves informed while informing our clients of the latest technologies, developments and regulations, in addition to understanding the growing and diverse demands of various stakeholders, remains crucial to our team’s ability to deliver quality engineering solutions that help our clients achieve their project goals and objectives.