Automatic For The People

June 3, 2019

Award Magazine, June 2019, by Stacey McLachlan

As we reach the peak of the information age, convenience, accessibility, and user-friendly tech are now expected in all avenues of our life – even when it comes to the mechanical operations of a building. But engineers and programmers have stepped up to the plate to create one-stop-shop programs and tools that help complex behind-the-scenes components work together in harmony. These streamlined, automated building control systems save time, energy, and money for operators and offer incredible control, all in the name of convenience and quality of life.

Effortless Efficiency

“In North America, a building’s energy consumption accounts for nearly a third of operating costs,” notes engineer Lindsay Austrom from Williams Engineering. “Energy benchmarking, then, is a valuable tool not only for reducing carbon footprints but also for decreasing utility expenses.” By collecting data in one place via an automated building system platform, one has the information needed to determine if a building’s performance is improving or worsening over time.

No longer does air conditioning and lighting need to operate to a time schedule when at least some of that time the space is not used – the blending of data from various systems can create new control opportunities to minimize energy waste. And when the plant and equipment are in operation for less time, this potentially extends the life of the equipment.

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