Yellowknife & Northwest Territories Wildfires

August 17, 2023

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the wildfires impacting Yellowknife and other communities throughout the Northwest Territories (NWT). We understand this is an incredibly challenging time, and we want our team members, clients, partners, and every community impacted by this continuing and developing situation to know we are here to support you in any way we can.

The safety and well-being of our community members are of utmost importance to us. As we closely monitor the situation, we want everyone to know that we are committed to providing resources to help alleviate the difficulties people may face during this evacuation period.

Whether it’s information or resources, we are here to help you navigate these extraordinary times. For those of us who are safe and able to support those in need, we encourage you to come together as a community. In the spirit of unity, we are also pledging to match donations made by our team members to United Way – NWT, which will help with local relief efforts to assist those affected by the fires. We believe that working together can help with restoring and rebuilding our communities.

Please know that you are not alone in this. As a company, we have been part of the community in Yellowknife and the NWT for over four decades, and we are standing with you, united in our purpose and commitment to supporting our communities.

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