Boulder House Climbing Gym

The largest climbing facility on Vancouver Island, Boulder House is a newly constructed bouldering facility in Langford, British Columbia. Bouldering is a specific type of free rock climbing without the use of a harness or rope. Climbers perform on various sizes of artificial rock using  a colour-coded grading system based on the level of difficulty desired by the climber or instructor. Included in the facility is the TreeHouse, a dedicated area specifically designed for children.

Williams Engineering (WE) acted as the mechanical and electrical engineering consultants on the construction of this 7,500 square foot building. The space is approximately 25 feet high with a mezzanine, change rooms and training areas. The mechanical design included heating and ventilation systems and domestic water distribution systems. Power distribution systems, emergency life safety systems, lighting systems, security systems and communication systems were designed by WE’s electrical team. Design opportunities to incorporate as much natural ventilation as possible, using the height of the structure, were recommended to reduce energy consumption and operating cost. WE’s design was completed to comply with BCBC Part 10 Energy Step Code.

With a mission to help each participant develop a versatile set of skills at every level of training, Boulder House is creating a lasting impact by encouraging community members to challenge themselves and try new and exciting activities.  Boulder House changes sections of their walls weekly to keep engagement, interest and participation high, ensuring even experienced climbers can expect a new challenge with each visit.