Chancellor Tower

The Chancellor is a luxury 37 storey high-rise consisting of two bedroom apartments, located in Burnaby, British Columbia. The tower is conveniently located across from Metropolis at Metrotown, British Columbia’s largest shopping centre. The location also provides access to the SkyTrain network, major bus routes, schools and recreational amenities. The tower boasts amazing views of the city, Deer Lake, and the North Shore Mountains.

Williams Engineering (WE) undertook design and construction administration responsibility for the project’s heating, ventilation, plumbing and fire suppression systems, as well as dedicated heating/cooling systems for the penthouse suites and community centre. Additionally, various smoke-control systems, such as stairwell pressurization, were designed to ensure maximum safety for occupants during a fire alarm condition. General ventilation for the residential tower was achieved through a central gas-fired makeup air unit serving common areas, and per-suite exhaust systems installed using in-slab ductwork and automatic controls to maintain indoor air quality. The community centre was ventilated and air-conditioned using a central variable air volume system with CO2 controlled ventilation for comfort and energy savings. This project included an extensive landscaped area over suspended slab which required careful multi-disciplinary coordination to ensure long-term drainage performance, viability of the planted landscaping, and prevention of conflicts at the parkade ceiling below. Hot and cold domestic water distribution was accomplished through a centralized piping network including booster pumps, multiple pressure zones, drawdown tanks, isolating heat exchangers, high efficiency condensing gas water heaters and a zoned recirculation system. Due to height of the building and low available water pressure, the fire suppression system also included a fire pump and standby/jockey pump.