Francis Winspear Centre for Music

The Francis Winspear Centre for Music is a performing arts centre located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Built-in 1997, it is the home of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided a Building Condition Assessment of the Francis Winspear Centre in 2014. The assessment consisted of a review of the structural, mechanical, electrical and building envelope components. WE had previous experience with the building due to an assessment conducted in 2009, which allowed WE to realize efficiencies in the report preparation as well as provide a greater frame of reference for the final report. The assessment work was generally performed in accordance with the requirements of ASTM Standard E2018-08. Based on this approach, WE used visual sampling techniques only. WE was sensitive to the impact the assessment procedure may have on the workplace and the staff and therefore attempted to minimize the total number of site trips in order to mitigate interference with staff and facility operations. Once all of the data was collected, a ten-year capital plan was developed, prioritizing the events identified. The Francis Winspear Centre has been using this plan to budget their future activities and has since engaged WE in further, more detailed investigations as identified in the condition assessment report.

We’re proud to play a small part in ensuring that the Francis Winspear Centre will continue to thrive and bring music to the Edmonton Capital Region for many years to come.