Lynnhaven Society

Lynnhaven Society is a not-for-profit society which provides affordable housing for seniors who are 55 years or older. Originally, the Lynn Avenue Homes were built in 1957 to house veterans and their spouses on Lynn Avenue in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The society was founded by the Abbotsford Royal Canadian Legion, but has always acted independently. In the early 2000’s the society realized that they would not be able to provide housing for the growing elderly population of Abbotsford. They decided to partner with BC Housing, the City of Abbotsford and Algra Brothers Development to build a new facility on Braun Avenue in Abbotsford; two buildings each with 32 units to house seniors.

The Lynnhaven buildings were the first ‘micro-unit’ buildings, built in Abbotsford. The apartment units are less than 300 square feet each and feature integrated beds with storage units, ductless dryers and washers, compact kitchens and bathroom areas complete with air conditioning.

Williams Engineering (WE) designed the mechanical systems for the Lynnhaven buildings, which included the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and fire protection. The heating of the apartment units was accomplished with electric baseboard units and cooling provided by through-the-wall air conditioners for each unit. Domestic hot water was provided by central domestic hot water boilers and storage tanks with recirculation.

With the ever growing senior population in the Fraser Valley the Lynnhaven development is a welcomed addition to the community.