Midnight Petroleum Tank Farm

Williams Engineering Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural team were engaged to act as a prime consultant during the development, construction and permitting of a newly proposed petroleum tank farm in Yellowknife, NT. The City of Yellowknife had encouraged stakeholders to increase their abilities in fuel distributions after the decommissioning of a nearby bulk fuel storage facility.

Issues and hurdles experienced and overcome included: a fast track to build, given the short construction season at this high altitude. Other complications included the procurement of materials and equipment.

WE was tasked with the participation of all permitting requirements, liaisons, and compliance duties with the City of Yellowknife’s regulatory guidelines. WE was vital to the understanding and incorporation of a schematic design, the development and design development of a detailed grading and drainage plan, and blending the existing site conditions with any new construction imprints. Most importantly, they coordinated multi-disciplined contractors of fuel/electrical/civil/mechanical and structural backgrounds into one common goal.  The multidisciplinary engineering team  produced lateral and longitudinal sections, that were used in earthworks volume calculations. They also developed fill and geotechnical best approach practices.  WE was also instrumental in the mechanical design components processes, geo-membrane applications, and identifying containment dyke types for a successful in-fill program across the site. To reach the best and sought-after solutions for this challenging site, WE worked closely alongside the owners, applicable regulators, project contractors, and distributors.

WE Yellowknife is pleased to branch out into all regions of the NT and NU territories. With the goals of expanding within the fuel facility upgrades and improvements field, utilizing civil 3D software, and provide solutions to improve site conditions in this and other northern communities.