Vogue Tower

Located in the west end district of Calgary’s downtown, Vogue is an elegant 35-storey mixed-use residential tower with five floors of below-grade parking space. Roughly 2,300 square feet of the ground level is reserved for retail space, with the building’s residential floors mounting to an impressive 365 feet high. Vogue’s iconic art deco-style exterior was inspired by classic New York City and Chicago architecture, with a grand arch wrapped in black granite soaring over eight stories high showcasing the main entrance.

Williams Engineering (WE) provided building envelope consulting engineering services for the construction of Vogue Tower. Services provided by WE included building envelope design reviews and providing comments and recommendations to S2 Architecture, the Prime Consultant for this project. In addition, WE also completed periodic building envelope, roofing and foundation reviews during the construction of the building to provide comments and recommendations related to building envelope detailing, conformity to the design and progress being made on site to the project team. WE also provided several on-site air and water leakage tests for the window wall assembly and Lido wall panel system. This project was specifically unique as the majority of the exterior wall cladding was constructed of a pre-manufactured wall panel system.

Vogue is an excellent option for anyone seeking affordable suites with convenient access to the abundance of services, shops and entertainment options offered in Calgary’s downtown core. With its distinct illuminated residential tower, Vogue is a beautifully contemporary addition to Calgary’s expanding skyline.