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Designing Sustainable Electrical Systems with Energy Modelling

Posted: August 17, 2022

As new construction and existing buildings are being designed to be more sustainable and energy efficient than ever before, the need for modern, net-zero electrical systems has significantly increased.

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A Whole New World

Posted: March 3, 2020

Like so many industries, the electrical and communications sector is becoming more connected, automated, & efficient.

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Speed Of Light

Posted: April 11, 2019

Electrical and communication systems are advancing so rapidly it’s hard for code to keep up.

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Shine On – Lighting

Posted: November 8, 2018

It’s one of the most powerfully affecting elements of a space, so it’s no surprise that designers & engineers put so much time & thought into lighting.

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Elevating Home Control & Communication Systems

Posted: May 4, 2018

Forward-thinking electrical engineers are elevating home control & communication systems to a new level.

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Technological Advancements & Energy Standards Are Reshaping Electrical & Communications Systems

Posted: April 18, 2017

A well-designed & up-to-date system that manages the distribution of power & lighting, conserves energy & provides secure information networks is a building’s backbone. And thanks to constant updates & advancements, creating the ideal system is easier than ever.

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Retails Shift towards LED Lighting, Connectivity & Flexible Design

Posted: January 31, 2017

Retail spaces, shopping centres and malls have taken drastic electrical design shifts in recent years.

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Green Building Design

Posted: December 8, 2016

Global commitment to green building design is transforming the built environment.

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Why LEDs Are The Popular Choice

Posted: October 4, 2016

Today’s LEDs are more than just a token energy-efficient element of a project.

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